Tian Research Group: News

Group News:


Our high school student, Herbert Wang was selected into the STS semi-finalist list. Warmest congratulations!! Only two students from IL were chosen.


Vishnu successfully defended his thesis! Great job and warmest congratulations!!


Youjin received a big job offer from McKinsey & Company! Warmest congratulations!!


Bozhi received the runner-up prize from the Science PINS neuromodulation competition and published his prize essay in Science! Thank you for the recognition from the neuromodulation community!


Vishnu received Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for Excellence in Research in Chemistry. Warmest congratulations!


Yin received Kharasch Postdoctoral Travel Award. Warmest congratulations!


Yiliang received Kharasch Postdoctoral Travel Award. Warmest congratulations!


Kelliann defended her Ph.D.! We thank Kelliann for her contribution to Tian lab, and good luck at Clemson University!!


Andrew defended his Ph.D.! We thank Andrew for his contribution to Tian lab and good luck at BCG!!


Kelliann got a job offer! She will work at Clemson University as a scientist for XPS instrument and teaching! We are so happy for you!!


Jessy was awarded the Honorable mention for the NSF GRFP! Our former undergraduate student, Dara Weiss has received the NSF fellowship! Warmest congratulations!!


Yuanwen has received the 2019 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists. Fabulous job, Yuanwen!!


Hector has received the F31 fellowship from NIH. Warmest congratulations, Hector!!


Andrew has received a big job offer from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)! This represents the first ever industry job position from Tian lab. Warmest congratulations, Andrew!!


Bozhi receives tenure and is promoted to associate professor. Huge thanks to former and current students and postdocs, mentors, colleagues and friends! Our lab is about to explore new areas and make some changes!


Yuanwen ranks in the 2nd position in the ACS' 2018 Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship competition. Although not the final winner (only given to one), this ranking is already remarkable!


Nivedina has won the Astronaut Scholarship, which is from the Mercury 7 Astronauts. Warmest congratulations!


A CAREER back story about Bozhi is published in Nature.


Ramya is a Ph.D. now! She has done amazing work in her MSTP training. Warmest congratulations!!


Youjin has received the Martha and Joseph Chenicek Graduate Fellowship from Chemistry Department. Warmest congratulations!


Dara finished her honors thesis presentation! Excellent job and warmest congratulations!!


Yuanwen received the American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award! It is remarkable to get such a highly competitive award. Warmest congratulations!


Nivedina won the Beckman Scholar Award! What a great achievement!


Our former master's student, Victoria Fischer, has been selected as an Army Neurosurgery trainee, one of only two selected this year in the entire country! Warmest congratulations!


Yuanwen finished his thesis defense! Amazing job and warmest congratulations!!


Bozhi has been appointed as a deputy editor for Physical Biology, an IOP journal.


Ramya's neuromodulation work has been accepted by Nature Nanotechnology, congratulations!


Yuanwen received a Honorable Mention for the Stanford Neurosciences Institute Interdisciplinary Scholar Award, congratulations!


Yuanwen received the Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award, congratulations!


Our lab received a three year funding support from ARO. We will invest more on the intracellular biophysics studies. Thank you very much, and we look forward to working with Army soon!


Yuanwen received American Vacuum Society National Graduate Research Award, congratulations!


Bozhi received the inaugural ETH Materials Research Prize for Young Investigators. Thank you very much, the Department of Materials at ETH!


Bozhi gave an invited talk at the Asilomar Bioelectronics conference. Thank you very much, Alex Noy and other organizers!


Bozhi was honored as one of the Talented 12 by Chemical & Engineering News. Thank you!


Dara Weiss received the 2017 Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry from American Chemical Society! Excellent job!!


Ramya received the prestigious F30 fellowship from the NIH to support her MD/PhD studies! Warmest congratulations!!


Harrison Wang received a gold medal from the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad. He ranked 5th world-wide and performed the best in the United States team -- this is truly huge, Harrison!!! Thanks for working with us over the past two years ...


Huge congratulations to Harrison Wang!!! He has been selected into the National team for the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad, to be held in early July in Thailand. Top 4 of the Nation -- we are all proud of you, Harrison!!! Huge thanks to Yuanwen (for the experimental guidance and all the brotherly care) and Youjin (for collaborating on a statistical mechanics project) as well ...


Bozhi gives an invited talk at the annual ECS meeting.


Bozhi gives an invited talk at the Institute of Chemistry in China. Thank you, Jin-song!


Bozhi gives an invited talk at 2017 Sino-US Nano symposium.


Yuanwen has received the Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for Excellence in Research in Chemistry from Chemistry department! Congrats!


Kelliann has received the Helen Sellei-Beretvas Fellowship from the Chemistry department! Congrats!


Bozhi gives a talk at the annual Materials Beyond workshop at UC Berkeley. Many thanks to the committee for the invitation!


Bozhi gives a tutorial lecture in the 2017 BIOEl winter school in Austria, discussing the potential of interfacing silicon with subcellular components! Thanks for the support from the committee and the invitation from Professor Nick Melosh!


Bozhi gives an invited talk at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, discussing the future opportunities in bioelectrics and bioelectronics! Thanks very much for the support from DoD!


Johnny's Science Advances paper has been highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology.


Bozhi is invited to join the editorial boards for the following journals: Nanotechnology (IOP), Nano Futures (IOP).


Yin from Florida joins us as a postdoc scholar! Welcome!


Johnny and Ramya's Science Advances paper has been published on line! Congrats!!


Xiang from China joins us as a postdoc scholar! Welcome!


Bozhi receives the NIH new innovator award! Thanks very much for the support from NIH!


Hemi from Israel joins us as a postdoc scholar! Welcome!


Harrison Wang has been selected into the National Chemistry Olympiad team, second alternate! This is truly remarkable, and congratulations!!


Andrew has received NIH Chemistry and Biology Interface training program fellowship!! Congratulations!!


Johnny has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis!! Johnny is the very first student graduated from our lab, and we are so proud of his creativity, achievements and contributions!!!


Yuanwen has been awarded the Harper Dissertation Fellowship from the Physical Sciences Division at UChicago! Warmest congratulations on this huge honor!!


Yuanwen and Ray's paper has been accepted by Nature Materials!! This is a three year collaboration with Professor Bezanilla and Dr. Carvalho-de-Souza, covering new semiconductor material synthesis and bioelectric interfaces. Warmest congratulations and excellent job!


Yuanwen has been awarded the prestigeous Frances E. Knock Scholarship from Chemistry department. Congratulations!


Bozhi attends the PECASE ceremony and meets with President Obama in the White House.


Our high school student, Harrison Wang, has been selected into the National Chemistry Olympiad team! Top 20 of the nation! Warmest congratulations!


Luizetta Navrazhnykh has decided to accept the offer from Caltech for her Ph.D program in Materials Science! Congratulations and good luck!


Both Michael Burke and John Hickernell have been awarded IBD scholars! Congratulations!


Johnny has accepted a postdoc offer from Harvard!! Great job and congratulations!! Johnny will defend his thesis in summer.


Bozhi has received the ONR Young Investigator Award! Many thanks for the support from ONR!!


Yuanwen has received the Windt Graduate Student Travel Award. Congratulations!


Yuanwen has received the prestigious Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad! Warmest congratulations!


Bozhi has received the 2016 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship! Many thanks for the support from Sloan foundation!


Bozhi has received the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)! Many thanks for the nomination from ONR!


Zhiqiang has received the prestigious 1000 Young Talent Award from P.R.China! Warmest congratulations, Zhiqiang! Zhiqiang is the second 1000 Young Talent Awardee from our lab.


Our work on measuring SiNW diameters optically is published online in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C! Congratulations, Johnny! Looking forward to another exciting year of science!


Bozhi has received an ONR Director of Research Early Career Grant. Many thanks to ONR!


Andrew Phillips from the University of Michigan and Youjin Lee from UC Berkeley have joined our group! Welcome and we look forward to working with you!


Four of our group members attended the 2015 Fall Material Research Society Meeting. Congratulations to Ramya and Kelliann in having their poster nominated in the poster competition!


Our work on nanowire-enabled probing of inter- and intracellular force dynamics measurements is published online at Nano Letters! Congratulations Johnny!


Bozhi gives an invited talk on bioelectronics at 2015 CMOS Emerging Technologies Research (CMOSETR) conference in Vancouver.


The very first original research paper from Tian group has been accepted by Science! Congratulations Zhiqiang and Yuanwen! Great job!


Yuanwen has received Seymour Goodman Fellowship from our department!! Congratulations, Yuanwen!!


Kelliann has received NIH Chemistry and Biology Interface training program fellowship!! Congratulations!!


Bozhi gives an invited remote talk at ARO Workshop on Bioelectronics.


Bozhi gives an invited plenary talk at the Israel Institute of Chemical Engineers Conference. Thanks, Avi!


Bozhi gives an invited talk at the Second Israel-American Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium. Thanks, U.S. National Academy of Sciences and Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities!


Yucai has received the prestigious 1000 Young Talent Award from P.R.China! Warmest congratulations, Yucai!


Bozhi receives AFOSR YIP award.


Bozhi serves as one of the symposium organizers at 2014 MRS fall meeting, "3D Mesoscale Architectures".


Bozhi gives an invited talk at the Clemson-MUSC Bioengineering program and received the Inaugural Richard E. Swaja guest lecture honor.


Bozhi gives an invited talk in the Department of Medical Physiology, Texas A&M Health Science Center.


Bozhi gives an invited talk at UChicago Biophysics Advances.


High school students, Michelle Hu and Kaylin Dong have finished their summer research with us. We wish them very best in your future endeavors!


Bozhi, together with Professor Chen Yang from Purdue University, serve as a Symposium chair for "Nano Probes for Biological Systems" at the 2014 fall ACS meeting in San Francisco.


Victoria Fischer just received the Army Health Professions Scholarship! This scholarship will cover all her expenses in medical school. Warmest congratulations!!


We have received a three-year grant from AFOSR, together with Professors Yu and Bezanilla. This grant will support our work on semiconductor based biophysical study of single cells and ion channels. We very much appreciate the generous support from AFOSR!


Victoria has got admission into the Georgetown Medical School. Congratulations!! We wish her best of the luck in her MD career path.


Luizetta Navrazhnykh has been honored as a IBD scholar. Congratulations! She will start her undergraduate thesis work in our lab.


Yucai has won the inaugural CBC postdoctoral scholarship!! Warmest congratulations, Yucai!!


Hector has won the prestigious NSF graduate research fellowship!! Warmest congratulations, Hector!!


Ramya has won the prestigious the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans!! Warmest congratulations, Ramya!!


Raymond Wong from the Australian National University joins us! Ray was trained in electrical engineering and neuroscience. Welcome, Ray!!


Group party in Tian's house!


Johnny and Ramya's review paper will be highlighted as an inner front cover for the Biomaterials Science Emerging Investigators themed issue. Congratulations and great job!!


Hector Acaron has decided to join our lab! Hector studied Bioengineering at Cornell University, and he is in Biophysics program. Welcome, Hector!!


Ramya Parameswaran has decided to join our lab! Ramya studied Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, and she is currently in Medical Scientist Training Program. She is also a Biophysics program student. Welcome, Ramya!!


Mohammed Munim has been selected as one of the Intel STS 2014 Semifinalists. Congratulations!


Johnny has received the 2014 Chicago Biomedical Consortium Scholar award from Searle Foundation!! Johnny is the only Physical Sciences Division awardee from the University of Chicago. Congratulations!!


Bozhi will serve as the Symposium Co-organizer for "3D Mesoscale Architectures: Synthesis, Assembly, Properties, and Applications", at the upcoming MRS Fall 2014 meeting Symposium (Nov 30-Dec 5, 2014) in Boston. Thanks very much, Song!


Dr. Zhiqiang Luo's baby girl comes into this world!!! Warmest congratulations!!!


Bozhi, together with other scientists around the world, joins the 111 project sponsored by Fudan University. Many thanks to Fudan University and Ministry of Education of the P.R. China!


Bozhi is very excited and honored to receive a teaching certificate from Stanford University, for his 'exceptional teaching' and 'dedication as an educator and a mentor'. "Dr. Bozhi Tian impacts the lives of all who have had the honor of interacting with him through his passion as an educator, kindness as a mentor, and innovation as a scientist." "...and he is truly great, both as a scholar and as a human being." Thanks very much, Jennifer Li and Stanford University!


Bozhi gives invited talk in the ECE department at Rice University. It is truly great to meet amazing scientists and engineers over there.


Bozhi gives invited talk at Argonne National Laboratory. We have established many collaborations!


Bozhi gives invited talk at the Biodesign Institute at the Arizona State University. It is truly great to meet amazing scientists over there.


Jaeseok from Hanyang University joins the lab as a visiting student. Welcome!!


Bozhi gives invited talks at Peking University, the Fourth Military Medical University, and Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry.


Group lunch at MingHin Cuisine. 7 current group members, 5 summer students, 1 rotation student and 1 visiting professor join the one-year celebration!


Professor Won Il Park from Hanyang University in South Korea arrives in Chicago. As the Sabbatical leave, he will spend one year in Tian lab to do collaborative research. Welcome!


Mohammed Munim starts his summer research in Tian lab. Mohammed is currently a high school student in the Lab School at the University of Chicago. Welcome!


Ramya Parameswaran starts her rotation in Tian lab. Ramya did her undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering department at Stanford. She is currently a student in the University of Chicago Medical Scientist Training Program. Welcome!


Michael Paul has been honored as the IBD scholar. Congratulations!


Graeme Murray has been selected into Undergraduate Summer Research program in Chemistry department. Congratulations!


Bozhi's Ph.D work on transistor based intracellular electrophysiology tool and postdoc work on nanoelectronic synthetic tissue have been highlighted in journal SCIENCE, "Bioelectronics: The Cyborg Era Begins".


Jennifer Li will join Stanford as an undergraduate student this fall. Warmest congratulations and we wish her very best luck in her future endeavors.


A sample of nanoelectronic circuitry from previous nanoelectronic scaffold project is on display in the London Science Museum's exhibition "Who am I?", which explores human identity and how it is affected by new discoveries in biomedical sciences.


Bozhi's postdoc work on Nanoelectronics Tissue Scaffolding has been selected by Scientific American as one of the five next generation of atomic scale devices. Many thanks to Dr. Roco from National Science Foundation!


Bozhi and Professor Chen Yang from Purdue University have been invited by the ACS PHYS division to organize a symposium on "Nano Probes for Biological Systems" for the 2014 fall ACS Meeting in San Francisco.


Bozhi has been honored as one of the 2013 Searle Scholars. Thanks for the great support from the Searle Foundation!


Johnny has passed the Physical Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry Ph.D. candidacy exams. Very well done and congratulations!


Jake has been selected into 2013 Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program by the University of Chicago Materials Research Center(MRSEC) and the Dept. of Physics. Congratulations!


Lab renovation on the 5th floor is complete! Our own chemical vapor deposition system is running!


Bozhi has received the NSF CAREER award. Thanks for the great support from the National Science Foundation!


Yucai joins our group as a postdoc associate, welcome!


Bozhi's postdoc research on nanoelectronics innervated synthetic tissue has been highlighted as one of the annual stories by Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)-'Integrating Man and Machine'. This is the third time (2007, 2010, 2012) his work has received such annual highlights from C&EN. Thanks for all of the efforts from his collaborators and mentors!


First year graduate students, Zongan Wang, Yuanwen Jiang and Ruoyu Xu have officially joined our lab. Welcome!! Zongan came from USTC, and his past research was related to the computational study of beta-amyloid. Yuanwen graduated from Nanjing University, and did his undergraduate research in inorganic nanomaterials synthesis and characterization. Ruoyu graduated from Peking University and has done studies in organic electronics and related materials science. Thank you!!


Group dinner at Giordano's in Hydepark. Many thanks to Johnny for organizing this event!


Jacob Mullen, a second year undergraduate student joins the lab. Welcome!


Michael Paul, a third year chemistry/biochemistry major undergraduate student joins the lab. Welcome!


Bozhi presents his TR35 award talk at EmTech conference in the Media Lab at MIT. It is great to meet all other innovators -- hope to see you again in the near future and good luck!


Graeme Murray, a Physics/Chemistry major undergraduate student joins the lab. Welcome!


Renovations on the basement lab are complete. Work still continues of the 5th floor.


Bozhi chairs two sessions at IUMRS meeting in South Korea. He gives two invited talks, one at IUMRS, the other at Hanyang University. He also meets many of his Korean friends! Thanks for giving me these opportunities!!


Bozhi's postdoc research on nanoelectronics 'innervated' synthetic tissue is published on Nature Materials. This is a 3-year collaboration among materials scientists, engineers and medical doctors. It represents the first key step towards seamless and noninvasive integration of semiconductor electronics with tissues in 3D.


Bozhi is one of the 2012 TR35 winners for his inventions on field effect transistor based intracellular probes and nanoelectronics 'innervated' synthetic tissues. Many thanks to MIT Technology Review!


We have our first on-campus group lunch. More and better ones will come ... Thanks to everyone!


Jennifer Li, a highschool student joins the lab for summer research. Welcome!


Lab renovations begin.


Johnny and Zhiqiang join the lab. Welcome aboard!


Bozhi begins his professorship. Welcome to the University of Chicago.