The Tian Research Group


*, co-first authorship; bold, co-corresponding authorship

Year 2022:

  • P. J. Li, S. Kim, B. Z. Tian. Nanoenabled Trainable Systems: From Biointerfaces to Biomimetics. ACS Nano, 2022, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.2c08042. (Invited perspective) Link 
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  • A. Prominski, J. Y. Shi, P. J. Li, J. P. Yue, Y. L. Lin, J. Park, B. Z. Tian, M. Y. Rotenberg. Porosity-based heterojunctions enable leadless optoelectronic modulation of tissues. Nature Materials, 2022, DOI: 10.1038/s41563-022-01249-7. Link
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Year 2021:

  • Z. F. Ye, A. Prominski, B. Z. Tian, G. Galli. Probing the electronic properties of the electrified silicon/water interface by combining simulations and experiments, PNAS,
  • X. L. Cai, M. Chen, A. Prominski, Y. L. Lin, N. Ankenbruck, J. Rosenberg, M. Nguyen, J. Y. Shi, A. Tomatsidou, G. Randall, D. Missiakas, J. Fung, E. B. Chang, P. Penaloza-MacMaster, B. Z. Tian, J. Huang. A Multifunctional Neutralizing Antibody-Conjugated Nanoparticle Inhibits and Inactivates SARS-CoV-2, Advanced Science, 2021, Link
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  • S. Tang, Z. Davoudi, G. T. Wang, Z. H. Xu, T. Rehman, A. Prominski, B. Z. Tian, K. M. Bratlie, H. S. Peng, Q. Wang. Soft Materials as Artificial Biological Membranes, Chemical Society Reviews, 2021, in press. Link
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  • K. Parekh, B. Z. Tian, “Nanostructured silicon for biological modulation”, Book chapter in “Semiconducting Silicon Nanowires for Biomedical Applications”, Elsevier. In production.


Year 2020:

  • Y. Fang*, A. Prominski*, M. Y. Rotenberg*, L. Y. Meng*, H. A. Ledesma*, Y. Lv, J. P. Yue, E. Schaumann, J. Jeong, N. Yamamoto, Y. W. Jiang, B. Elbaz, W. Wei, B. Z. Tian, Micelle-enabled self-assembly of porous and monolithic carbon membranes for bioelectronic interfaces. Nature Nanotechnology, 2020. Link  Also see: A. Prominski, Bioelectronic modulation with porous and monolithic carbon membranes (Behind-the-paper). Link
  • K. Sim, F. Ershad, Y. C. Zhang, P. Y. Yang, H. Shim, Z. Rao, Y. T. Lu, A. Thukral, A. Elgalad, Y. T. Xi, B. Z. Tian, D. A. Taylor, C. J. Yu. An epicardial bioelectronic patch made from soft rubbery materials and capable of spatiotemporal mapping of electrophysiological activity. Nature Electronics, 2020, 3, 775-784. Link
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Year 2019:

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Year 2018:

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Year 2017:

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Year 2016:

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Year 2015:

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Year 2014:

  • J. Zimmerman, R. Parameswaran and B. Z. Tian, Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices as New Biomaterials. Biomaterials Science, 2014, 2, 619-626. (invited review as one of the Emerging investigators in Biomaterials) Link


Year 2013:

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Before UChicago:

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