The Tian Research Group


In the same vein as research, the processes of teaching and mentoring also call for innovative approaches. Within our laboratory, we are devising strategies to enhance the overall learning and educational experience. The following section contains a selection of concise notes and articles, and we will continue to regularly update and broaden the scope of this content.


  • Quiet brainstorming, expecting the unexpected. We propose a set of three critical ‘‘E’’ processes—extract, expose, and evaluate—for an individual researcher to replicate team brainstorming.




  • Elastic and plastic. How can we use mechanics to guide our work/life balance and personal success?


  • Work/life balance. Some simple graphics for understanding work/life balance and how that would affect our performance. This was presented by Bozhi in a group meeting in April 2022.












  • Video inspirations. Presented in the group meeting on June 7, 2024. View slides in full screen.




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